Volkswagon XL1 2013 314mpg eco-car

February 27, 2013

Volkswagon XL1 2013 front sid view

Volkswagon XL1 2013:

Volkswagon supremo Ferdinand Piech has kept his promise of putting the Volkswagon XL1 2013 super-eco car into production.

Volkswagon has confirmed the 313mpg Volkswagon XL1 2013 will be built in limited numbers, around 50 of which are earmarked for UK sale. It’s an expensive way to save money on fuel though: projected prices for the Volkswagon XL1 run into six figures.

Why is the Volkswagon XL1 2013 so pricey?

Because an awful lot of R&D money has been invested in its decade-long inception, and thanks to the Volkswagon XL1 2013‘s expensive carbonfibre construction. To reduce weight, the car’s monocoque chassis and 1.2mm-thick body panels are carbon – the body weighs 230kg. The entire car tips the scales at 795kg.

The cabin seats two occupants, slightly offset to reduce the width of the car and cut drag. At 3888mm long, 1665mm wide and 1153mm tall, the Volkswagon XL1 2013 is around the same length and width as a Volkswagon Polo supermini, but stands 129mm lower than a Porsche Boxster.

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So, just how eco-friendly is the VW XL1?

Then headline 314mpg figure is brought about by the car’s range-extender powertrain. Behind the cabin sits a 0.8-litre two-cylinder turbodiesel engine, developing 47bhp and sending drive via a seven-speed DSG gearbox to the rear wheels. There’s also a 27bhp electric motor juiced by a 5.5kWh battery that you can charge from a regular mains socket.

Performance isn’t as sluggish as you might think, given the Volkswagon XL1’s low-consumption brief. Volkswagon claims the XL1 hits 62mph in 12.7sec and reaches a limited top speed of 99mph. That super-slippery body (the drag coeffecient is 0.189 – a world record) is thanks to features like a flat underbody, rear-view cameras instead of bulky mirrors  and faired-in rear wheels.

Fill the tiny 10-litre fuel tank and VW claims the VW XL1 2013 has a range of 310 miles, including 31 miles of electric motor power alone. CO2 emissions are a tiny 27g/km when the engine is running.Volkswagon XL1 2013 top side view

Any other VW XL1 2013 info?

Aluminium suspension components and carbon ceramic disc brakes are also employed to save weight. And should you resolve to take your Volkswagon XL1 2013 shopping, you’ll find 120 litres of cargo space inside – for strictly lightweight purchases, naturally.

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