Owning A Replica Venom Gt

Kit Car

Today, there is a new trend to buy replica exotic sports cars to not only to impress but to enjoy the high performance and handling they offer which is very close to the original. The replica after market goods such as the imitations of clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watches, electronics (both parts and finished products), software, works of art, toys, movies is growing each year. Calculating replica after market products, current estimates place the global yearly sales increasing as much as $400 billion American dollars. According to the study of the International Chamber of Commerce replica goods make up 25 to 37% of World Trade.

Kit Car

Replica cars have been around from the earliest days of the automobile. In 1896 the Englishman Thomas Hyler White developed a design for a car that could be assembled at home and technical designs were published in a magazine called The English Mechanic. In the United States the Lad’s Car of 1912 could be bought for US$160 ($3000 equivalent in 2006) fully assembled or US$140 ($2600 in 2006) in kit form.

Some see the rise in replicas as being related to globalization. As more and more companies, in an effort to increase profits, move manufacturing to the cheaper labor markets of the third world, areas with weaker labor laws or environmental regulations, they give the means of production to foreign workers. They see that profits are being made by the global brand for doing little (other than advertising) and see the possibilities of removing the middle men (i.e. the parent corporation) and marketing directly to the consumer.

Kit Car

Certain consumer goods, especially very expensive or desirable brands or those that are easy to reproduce cheap, have become frequent and common products sold today. The replicas produced and manufactured for example would be imitation “Nokia” cellular phones with features like dual SIM slots or analog TV, which are unavailable in authentic originals. Another example would be imitation “iPod” MP3 players whose power cells or batteries are removable and replaceable, whereas in authentic originals the power cells or batteries are permanently installed.

Kit Car

It was not until the 1950s that the idea really took off. Car production had increased considerably and the replica car industry grew up supplying new bodies and chassis to take the components from these cars and convert them into new vehicles, particularly into sports cars. Fiber reinforced plastic (aka “GRP,” or “fiberglass”) was coming into general usage and made production of automobile body components much more economical. Also, in the UK up to the mid-1970s, replica cars were sometimes normal production vehicles that were partially assembled as this avoided the imposition of purchase tax as the replicas were assessed as components and not vehicles. The Lotus Elan, for example, was available in this form. It was often claimed that the kits could be taken home and completed in only a weekend.

Kit Car

During the 1970s many replica cars had bodies styled as sports cars that were designed to bolt directly to VW Beetle chassis. This was popular as the old body could be easily separated from the chassis leaving virtually all mechanical components attached to the chassis and a GRP-body from the kit supplier shop fitted. This made the Beetle one of the most popular “donor” vehicles of all time. Examples of this conversion include the Bradley GT, Sterling, and Sebring which were made by the thousands and many are still around today. Volkswagen based dune buggies also appeared in relatively large numbers in the 1960s and 1970s based usually on a shortened floor pan.

Kit Car

Current replica cars like the AC Cobra and the Lotus 7 are particularly popular examples, the replica cars enable enthusiasts to possess a vehicle of a type that because of scarcity they may not be able to afford, and at the same time take advantage of modern technology. The Sterling Nova Kit originally produced in the UK was the most popular VW based Kits being produced world wide and licensed under several different names with an estimated 10000 sold.

Some people react skeptically when they first hear about replica cars as it appears to them to be technically impossible to assemble a car as cheap as an original. In the United Kingdom it is necessary to meet the requirements of the IVA (Individual vehicle Approval) regulations. In the United States SEMA has gone state by state to set up legal ways for states to register replica cars and speciality vehicles for inspection and plates.

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