Milton Bradley Vintage Board Game of Supercar

July 29, 2013

milton bradley vintage board game 1962 Supercar

Milton Bradley 1962 Supercar Board Game

The collectible 1962 board game of Supercar by Milton Bradley was based off the 1961-62 children’s TV series of the same name.

The show was produced by Gerry Anderson and featured a ‘supercar’ which was sent on missions to rescue those in need.  The futuristic craft did not travel over land by wheels, but rode on a cushion of air.  When extreme speed was required, Supercar’s jet engines and wings would come to the rescue.

The race style game brings the excitement of Supercar to the players.  Two to four players (ages 5 and up) compete to get his ‘Supercar’ to disaster scenes first.  The player with the most rescues wins.

vintage milton bradley board game 1962 supercar

Milton Bradley 1962 Supercar Board Game

The Milton Bradley game board includes the following ten Supercar missions:


1) Boaters needing rescue at the falls
2) Bridge out with train coming
3) Flood with people on house roofs
4) An elephant attack
5) Avalanche
6) Trapped miners
7) House fire
Trapped climber
9) Hurricane with ship in need of rescue
10) Airplane crash

To begin playing the Milton Bradley game, each player chooses a colored pawn to represent the color of his Supercar and places his pawn on any blue spot on the game board.  The ten Supercar cards are then shuffled.  Next, the top Supercar card is turned over giving the numbered space of the player’s first mission. The card is placed on the numbered disaster space and all players compete to get there first.

Player’s take turns spinning the wheel to determine movement for ALL cars on that turn.

vintage milton bradley game spinner supercar 1962

Milton Bradley 1962 Supercar Board Game

The spinner is sectioned into four areas with four colored numbers contained within the area.  The spinner points to a section.  A player moves his supercar, on the board, according to the matching colored number to his car in the spin’s section.  For example, the spinner rests in the green area where the red supercar moves 2, the yellow supercar moves 0, the green supercar moves 3, and the blue supercar moves 1.  On this spin, if the player’s car was blue, he would move 1.  A red pawn would move 2, and so on.

Whoever arrives to the disaster space first has made the rescue!  The player takes the card and turns over another supercar disaster card.  All players now compete to arrive to that space by spinning the wheel.  Play continues in this manner until all 10 cards have been ‘rescued’.  The player with the most wins.  If there is a tie, all cards are turned over and the player who turns over the highest number is considered the winner of the tie breaker round.

Capturing the spirit of Supercar to the Rescue, the Milton Bradley vintage 1962 board game is a neat collectible to have on display.  It is admired for its unique spot in entertainment; especially by those who remember watching the show, playing the game, or later reading the comics of Supercar.

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