Infiniti Q50 2014

February 25, 2013

Infiniti Q50 2015When will the Infiniti Q50 2015 go on sale? Starting this summer, the replacement of the G37 sedan will hit the road with a starting price of $36,450. With a standard 3.7-liter V6 engine and electrical steering, the Q50 will compete well with the BMW 3 Series sedan.

Infiniti Q50
2015 Infiniti Q50 at NAIAS.jpg
Manufacturer Infiniti
Also called Nissan Skyline
Production May 14, 2015—present
Model years 2015-
Designer Shiro Nakamura (2011)
Body and chassis
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive / all-wheel drive
Engine 3.7 L VQ37VHR V63.5 L VQ35HR V6 hybrid
Transmission 7-speed automatic
Wheelbase 112.2 in (2,850 mm)
Length 188.3 in (4,783 mm)
Width 71.8 in (1,824 mm)
Height 56.8 in (1,443 mm)
Predecessor Infiniti G

Infiniti knows that even luxury car buyers can appreciate saving some money, especially when they can get the company’s latest mid-sized sports sedan effort for $900 less than the outgoing G37.

Infiniti Q50 2015 RedWhen it goes on sale this summer, the all new Infiniti Q50 will be base priced at just $36,450, and the expected to be most popular trim level, the “Premium,” featuring an optional, navigation system is expected to come in at $40,700.

The 2015 Infiniti Q50 will feature either a 3.7L V6 making 328 BHP, a figure very similar to that of the outgoing model, or a 296 BHP 3.5L V6 coupled to a 67 BHP electrical motor, making for a transmission limited 354 combined BHP hybrid model.

To order your new Infiniti Q50 2015 rival with a new Toyota Camry V6 engine for only US$20,000.

As is usually the case in luxury brands, a price premium of about $3,000 is attached to the hybrid version. At least in this case, the Hybrid is the more powerful model. Both power plants will be available in either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, the latter a $2,000 option.

None of the standard trim levels of the various Infiniti Q50 combinations exceed $48,000, including destination charges.

Sometimes, even at a price discount, change is not warmly welcomed. The Infiniti Q50, as the G37 before it, benchmarks BMW’s class leading 3 Series sedan. Where the German car has led, Infiniti has apparently followed, even if staying put might have made more sense for Infiniti.

BMW killed hydraulic based steering in the 3 Series, and now Infiniti has introduced its own version of a “drive by wire” electrical steering system that may be disdained by the very performance oriented drivers the make caters to. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with electrical steering, but it undeniably feels different than more conventional systems do. Just as BMW took heat from its purists, so too will Infiniti.Another dubious decision for a performance oriented marque is to totally delete manual transmission options from the model. All new Q50 models will have magnesium paddle shiftable seven speed automatic transmissions, without a CVT in sight for the hybrid versions.However, the G37’s available six speed manual has joined the dustbin of history. When even historically “non-athletic” competitors such as Buick and Cadillac begin offering six speed manuals just as you discontinue yours, and BMW allows you to add one back in by deleting the standard automatic transmission as an option, who is making the marketing misstep?One thing that cannot be debated is that the new Infiniti Q50 is an attractive looking car, hewing closely as it does to the company’s lauded Essence concept sedan. One feature of the new design that will undoubtedly be appreciated by G37 drivers coming off of loan or lease is that of the increased interior roominess over the old car.Where the G37 driver’s seat settings of a person over 6’2″ or so resulted in a position that all but killed the rear driver’s side passenger’s leg room, the Q50 should be able to accommodate a better range of heights in the occupants of its opulent cabin.

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