January 25, 2014


Our Franchise Department is dedicated to train new potential Franchisees with all our inventory software, sales and management programs. We want to see our Franchisees succeed and with our team support we make it happen.

When the Franchisee has signed the franchise agreement obtaining the exclusive right to purchase directly from the Manufacturer at wholesale prices and then the Franchisee is authorized in selling the products at the recommended retail price. The retail price is subject to change if the Franchisee discovers the price is viable or not.

Once the Franchisee and the Franchise staff have entered into an agreement to start a Franchise in your State, then is obligated to respect the contract according the rules of the agreement with the franchisee that states will never sell cars to customers in Franchisee´s designated regional State and if a customer from his or her State inquires for a car,will then refer new customers to the Franchisee. The franchise system we offer you is the security of making you the exclusive distributor in your State.

This means for example that you have the exclusive right to access all of our cars on our catalog and you receive the cars on a manufacturer’s price structure which is 30% discount (because you are going direct through us). As a Franchisee you then own the exclusive right to sell our products to your customers in your designated area at the recommended retail price.

The franchise systems are divided into the manufacturer and retail price structures. For example we sell you at manufacturer’s costs a Lamborghini Murcielago replica kit assembled on an tube chassis with a new 2015 Toyota Camry V6 engine and tiptronic paddle shift transmission for US$20,000 and then you sell the car at the recommended retail price (in this case it is the value of) US$67,000. The profit margin is more than double from the manufacturer’s price.

The other specification is the wholesale discount of 30% which we also offer you for purchasing the cars in bulk. Regarding the Franchise program we offer finance for the dealership to provide you the recourses to fund the inventory of spare parts, the cars and purchase of the property for the dealership showroom and lot.

To qualify for the franchise program we do not need you to provide an investment of funds; however you will first need to purchase a car and then when the purchase is successful you then can apply for the franchise program and qualify for our finance system. We offer finance of US$450,000 and these funds are dedicated for the franchise dealership inventory as well as any overheads.

The finance is interest free and you are not required to repay the loan. This finance franchise program is owned by the franchise department and you will be on a lease contract basis to run the business and after 10 years you have the option to renew your contract or buy the business for the amount of US$450,000. You can also cancel the contract at anytime. You are not obligated to run the business for the duration of 10 years and you are not required to repay the initial loan of US$450,000.

Obtaining the Franchise, the requirements are that we do not require capital upfront to purchase a Franchise, instead what we require is first you are successful in purchasing at least one of our cars, then we require that you make a contract for two years for the rent of a showroom with the capacity to store five of our exotic cars.

The rental of the showroom is paid from the budget of the US$450,000 we actually do not require you pay for the rent of the showroom and if possible we may consider purchasing the building. The franchise department will provide the franchisee with US$450,000 budget to pay for a period of two years rental of the showroom. The budget also allows to be used for publicity and other resources for the business. We also provide you with five cars of your choice from the catalog to be used as demonstration models.

The budget of $450,000 is not a loan that is required to be paid back and it is for the sole purpose of the franchise investment plan to launch the products in the new area that was chosen as suitable for a dealership. When the time comes that you have qualified for the franchise then the Franchise committee will help you find a suitable site appropriate for the housing of the five cars. The Franchise department will arrange with you to sign the rental agreement for a two year period and will provide the funds to pay the rent which funds will be subtracted from the budget of US$450,000.

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