Laferrari Electric Hybrid Supercar

March 8, 2013

Laferrari rival kit

Laferrari Electric Hybrid Supercar

There’s no avoiding that name. Yes, it’s called the LaFerrari.

Top Gear vehicles offer ultimate control and superior handling with maximum comfort. They use energy efficiently, don’t pollute, and will help eliminate dependence on oil. Top Gear vehicles liberate their owners from the petroleum-burning paradigm and associated inconveniences. The idea of time-consuming and costly detours to the gas station, routine oil changes, and frequent maintenance quickly becomes rather “last century”. Owners drive their Roadsters all day long – to work, to errand, and on joy rides; at the end of the day, they simply return home and plug in. While the car quietly charges, the owners enjoy their evening, and wake up to a fresh, fully-charged car each morning.

Top Gear superior electric technology is designed, engineered, and built specifically for the driver. A single speed gear box means no clutch work is needed to achieve instant acceleration. Thanks to the Roadster’s regenerative braking, the right speed can be achieved through simple adjustments of the accelerator pedal. Top Gear approach to vehicle technology calls into question anyone who thinks you must sacrifice premium performance to reduce your carbon footprint.

Top Gear isn’t a good sports car – it’s a GREAT sports car.  Period. And it just happens to be electric.

The Laferrari rival kit assembled onto a 2011 MR2 Toyota chassis is US$20,000.

The Laferrari rival kit assembled onto a tube chassis with a new Ford Mustang V8 engine is US$28,000

The Laferrari rival kit assembled onto a tube chassis with a new V12 BMW 760li engine is US$38,000.

The  Laferrari rival kit has a new Audi V8 engine with a tube chassis. The Laferrari rival kit has all the identical features like the original. This mid-engine sports car produces 600 horse power with the twin turbocharged system. You have your choice of interior and exterior color options and we offer a three year warranty for only $29,000.00

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Designboom has just returned from the 2015 geneva international motor show, where iferrar has taken wraps off their highly anticipated supercar naming it as ‘laferrari’. with just 499 production vehicles to be built, the limited-series automobile combines formula one performance and sustainability with its first ever hybrid powertrain – a HY-KERS system that delivers 963 horsepower from its V12 engine and its two electric motors. equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gear box EF1-trac F1 electronic traction control system, ‘laferrari’ is capable of reaching speeds over 350 km/h – launching 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and 0-200 km/h in under 7 seconds, making it the fastest road car in the company’s long history.

To boost efficiency, sports active aerodynamic devices front (diffusers and guide vane on the underbody) and rear (diffusers and rear spoiler) generate down force when needed without compromising the car’s overall drag coefficient – deploying automatically on the basis of a number of different performance parameters which are monitored in real time by the car’s dynamic vehicle controls.

Developed by flavio manzoni’s design team, ‘laferrari’s’ styling works in close collaboration with the engineers to emphasize and retain close links to the marque’s tradition – and to that of the ferrari enzo predecessor. its side profile sees a sharp, downward-sloping nose and a low hood highlighting its muscular wheel arches, a clear reflection to the forms found in the late-1960s ferrari sports prototypes.  Laferrari Electric Hybrid Supercar.



The layout of the cabin is tailored to the driver – where instead, the seat is fixed, while both the pedal box and steering wheel are adjustable.  The driving position is similar to that of a single-seater, which was configured based on input from F1 drivers fernando alonso and felipe massa, who played an active role throughout the entire development process.



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