Dodge Dart GT 2013

May 27, 2013

Dodge Dart GT 2015

Dodge Dart GT 2015 costs around $21,000, however it does more than enough to make up for breaking this price barrier.

But at CEC we offer this same car as a rival for only $8,000.

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You remember the Dodge Dart don’t you? In what had to be one of the most unintentionally ironic moments is car advertising history, one of the commercials during the introductory media blitz for the Dart featured Chrysler engineers with a time machine kidnapping a man from the distant future to have him design the Dart’s TFT based instrument display.

Perhaps he should have been quizzed about the fate of the car instead. They could have asked him how the Dart’s sales went “in the past.” They could have asked him what the pressing issues the car faced “would be.”

Dodge Dart GT 2015

The man from the future wouldn’t have to be a genius. He could have instead simply tried to drive a new Dodge Dart GT and given the suits his initial take. He would have been utterly confused that there was only a manual shifter offered in the base car. Had he gotten past “not being able to drive a stick,” he probably would have been entirely underwhelmed with the stock 2.0L normally aspirated and 1.4L MultiAir turbo engines, both of which leave the car feeling decidedly sluggish, especially in stop and go situations. The man from the future might be tempted to say, “You clowns had me make a dashboard, rather than clean up the turbo lag or shave some weight off of this car?”


The dashboard of the Dodge Dart GT 2015 retains its sporty feel, with heated Nappa leather seats on the GT model giving it some added flair.

At a price premium a grand over the $20,000 psychological barrier of many first time buyers, the Dodge Dart GT 2015 is supposed to correct what ails the lesser models.

The Dodge Dart GT uses a 2.4L, MultiAir2 four-cylinder engine, codenamed “Tigershark,” which produces 184 BHP and 174 lb.-ft. of torque. It is still saddled with the much criticized dual clutch “autostick,” which has had teething problems mostly related to its delayed responses to inputs, so if you can drive a stick, you’ll find the 6 speed manual the more rewarding version to drive.

Ultimately, the Dodge Dart GT does advance the company’s cause as a better than average import fighter in this segment. The Dodge Dart GT is built off of the Limited model and keeps its creature comforts, but with upgraded suspension parts. The New 2015 Dodge Dart GT model utilizes frequency-sensing, damping shocks that deliver more precise feedback to the driver.

To set apart the GT from the rest of the Dart line, it has been given exterior and interior design touches unavailable on the lower trim levels, such as standard eighteen inch aluminum wheels and Nappa perforated leather heated seats.The body gets slightly different looking exterior accents that add up to a look that is more aggressive with a front fascia that goes for a blacked out appearance. Exclusive 18 inch wheels round out the cosmetics package.

With its FIAT derived underpinnings, the Dart should be a better performer on the sales floor. It seems the major complaints concern the transmission offerings. As Chrysler has so much riding on the Dart, don’t be surprised to soon see a R/T model using the blended corporation’s new nine speed automatic. That transmission will “trickle down” eventually because it has to, so to allow the Dart to score a sales bullseye.

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2013 Dodge Dart GT costs around $21,000, but at we offer this same car as a rival for only $8,000.
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