Daihatsu D-R Concept 2013

June 21, 2013
Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015

Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015!  Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015!

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Though Daihatsu may be out of sight out of mind for many Americans, due to its several-decade-long American hiatus, it is actually alive, well, and thriving in smaller markets, like Indonesia.

Most Daihatsu vehicles are very utilitarian, providing little thrill and tons of functionality, but it looks as if Daihatsu may be working its way toward a new area with its latest D-R Concept, the Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015.Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 side rear

At the 2012 Indonesian International Motor Show in Jakarta, Toyota subsidiary, Daihatsu, unveiled its all-new Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 roadster. The exact details on the model are still a little scarce and the chances of it hitting the market are positioned somewhere between hell freezing over and the day it rains frogs, but the concept at least gives you an idea of the direction Daihatsu is looking to take its automobiles.Currently, the most popular Daihatsu is overwhelmingly the Xenia, a compact 7-passenger MPV, and this roadster is anything but the Xenia.Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 interior

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This super-compact car boasts a wide front grille outlined in a matte grey with a mesh-like insert. The sharply angled headlights are underlined by louvered air-intake vents and a blue bar runs up the side of the vent, giving it an intimidating stare that you wouldn’t expect from a kei car.

The side door handle of the Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 is hidden inside an indentation in the rear of the door, giving that side a clean finish and the shallow-raked windshield gives the side profile a nice overall look – even though the windshield looks a hair too big for the car. At the corners, there is a set of silver rims donning body-color accents to tie it all together.Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 dashThe rear fascia boasts a lower grille with the same mesh insert and matte grey surrounding as its counterpart on the front end. At the base of the rear fascia, there’s a stylish center-exit exhaust system that allows this kei car’s petite powerplant to exhale.

Interior of the Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015

Inside, the customer gets a very clean and unexpectedly elegant package. The seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and gear shifter are all draped in a medium brown leather that is accented by the lighter brown base color. The steering wheel features a light grey center section and paddle shifters.
The center stack is neatly arranged with limited buttons on a gloss-black panel. Behind the steering wheel is an LCD-based instrument panel that is clean and easy to read.Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 side view without the panelsEngine

The details of the engine are very limited. Considering the power output by similarly powered kei cars, we anticipate that the engine of the Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 produces upwards of 70 horsepower, which is likely more than enough for this car, as we figure it cannot weight more than 2,000 lbs.
Though the engine specifics are not known, Daihatsu does claim that this is a fully functioning model that runs and drives like a production vehicle.

Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015 side view
Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015!  Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015!  Daihatsu D-R Concept 2015!

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