Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom

August 13, 2013

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo

GM Design Director Kip Wasenko calls it “the Corvette Duntov would have built to win LeMans.”

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom

Now some lucky – and very wealthy – person will have the opportunity to buy this hand-crafted custom 1963 Corvette unlike any other in the world, complete with a jaw-dropping modernistic design and a twin-turbo, mid-engine setup that boasts 0-60 times below 3 seconds.

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom

The Corvette V7 Twin Turbo will be on the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson Auction to be held in Palm Beach, Fla., from April 5-7.

Barrett-Jackson’s website defines the car as “a stunning reinvention or vision of the future,” and with the automotive industry’s coveted GM Design Award resting snugly in its rear pocket, who can argue with that statement about this stunning vehicle?

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom engine view

The split window coupe has been “passionately resculpted and shaped with swooping lines and breathtaking style,” Barrett-Jackson boasts, and “the new cab forward design allows the motor to be viewed through the original rear window’s openings.” In fact, the entire split-window area rises on pistons to let that magnificent motor be seen in all its glory.

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom engine

And what a motor it is. The LS V8 engine has dynoed at a remarkable 1,067-hp and 915 lb.-feet of torque.

Corvette V7 Twin Turbo Custom engine

Compare that to a ZR1’s 638-hp and 604 lb.-feet of torque, and you have an idea of just what kind of monster is lurking underneath the Twin Turbo’s sleek black exterior that features an industry first “suislide” articulating door system. We don’t know exactly what that means, but if it’s on this Corvette, it has to be way cool.

Technically speaking, the Corvette features a custom tube dual ladder frame, Penske Racing fully adjustable suspension, huge six-piston Baer brakes with cross-drilled rotors, and custom HRE wheels resting inside Michelin’s widest tires. It also has race-style seating from Cobra with full Crow harness system, along with conveniences like power windows and HVAC – but no audio system. The only sounds you’ll want to hear when driving this Corvette V7 Twin Turbo is that of the motor!

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