Citroen Survolt Concept

July 3, 2013

Citroen Survolt Concept

Citroen Survolt Concept

Citroen sure knows how to capture attention at these auto shows, don’t they?

Remember Paris in 2008? Yeah, that’s when Citroen unveiled the GT by Citroen concept. This year, at the Geneva Motor Show, the French automaker is at it again, this time bringing the aggressively neoned up Citroen Survolt Concept. It features the same design language as the GT, but taken to a more compact dimension. And if the GT made it to production – only six have been made at $1.8 million a pop – we’re pretty confident that somewhere down the road, we’ll see a production version of the Survolt too.

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The Citroen Survolt Concept’s front is defined by the same large oval-shaped grille, slim, horizontal head lamps with LED lamps. The rear features the elegant light signature of the Citroen Revolte together with a spoiler in a timely and essential reference to motor sport, all of which were made through the use of a combination of chrome and aluminum.

Although Citroen is still withholding further details surrounding the Citroen Survolt Concept, it is expected that the concept will be powered by an electric drive-train.

UPDATE 07/07/2010: Citroen has announced that the Survolt will indeed make an appearance that’s not in an auto expo showroom, but rather at the Le Mans Classic on July 10. You read that right; the Survolt is getting prepped for its racing debut. Vanina Ickx, daughter of former racing ace Jacky Ickx, will drive the electric vehicle.

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Citroen has also finally given us the inner workings of the Survolt, including the concept’s technical specs. The car measures at 3.85m long, 1.87.m wide, and 1.2m high and weighs in at just 1,150 kg. It comes with a tubular chassis, a flat underside with an extractor, and full carbon bodywork. As for capabilities, the Survolt can produce a 0-60 mph time of just a shade under five seconds with a top speed of 162 mph.

Citroen Survolt Concept is Innovative and sensual

With its compact dimensions – 3.85 m long, 1.87 m wide and 1.20 m high – Survolt reappropriates sports car styling cues to form an all-new and revolutionary concept.

At the front, the distinctive vehicle badge reigns elegantly above the large oval-shaped grille, its centre home to the striking double chevron. The car’s “look” – charming and profound at the same time – attracts and holds the viewer’s gaze with a promise of transgressions suddenly made possible. Its slim, horizontal head lamps, inspired by high-performance sports coupés, exert a magnetic appeal, while an LED light signature adds a contemporary, high-tech touch.

Citroen Survolt Concept was made to gobble up the miles and glide over roads. Low-slung and sleek, it features strong contrasts between the voluptuous bonnet and generous, sculpted flanks, highlighted by emphatic wheel arches that promise performance and thrills.

Citroen Survolt Concept’s air-slicing, flowing design is heavy on excitement and sensuality. It conveys agility, precision and vitality, barely containing a powerful, well-defined musculature under refined and luxurious wraps. The rear features the elegant light signature of Revolte together with a spoiler in an essential reference to motor sport.

Citroen Survolt Concept is innovative and powerful but also knows how to turn on the charm, revealing its finest assets to catwalk in motor sports arenas. It features two-tone paint, hues of fuchsia and charcoal grey, and plays with materials and volumes. The curves shift from satin-smooth to shiny, breaking definitively with the classic masculine codes of the sports world. Survolt continues the work begun with Revolte by once again blending two universes with contrasting appearances. Citroen Survolt Concept eschews decorum to create its own styling language.

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The inclusion of materials such as chrome and aluminium inevitably recall the spheres of luxury goods and motor sport. Survolt is a perfect combination between high fashion and car racing, a unique alliance with the same philosophy and the same cues as Revolte, namely performance, cutting-edge technology and excellence.

Citroen Survolt Concept’s cockpit is designed like a floating cell, a glass setting held between chrome-finished roll bars like some magnificent piece of jewellery. The leitmotiv with Citroen Survolt Concept is to transgress the conventions of the luxury world and combine them elegantly with those of the sporting world.

The Citroen Survolt Concept´s cabin was imagined as a cross between two worlds that by their essence are opposed. This union begets an organic universe, both flowing and technical, from which the driver’s station springs forth. The interior as a whole was designed to bring the two occupants comfort and refinement, triggering singular pleasure and an outstanding experience.

The Citroen Survolt Concept’s generous glazed area brings light and a sensation of space, light years from that offered by today’s sports cars.

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