Chevrolet Aveo

November 11, 2013

Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact automobile manufactured since 2002, originally by the South Korean General Motors (GM) subsidiary, GM Daewoo—and later by other GM-affiliated entities.

Chevrolet Aveo
2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 LS.jpg
Manufacturer General Motors
Production 2002–present
Body and chassis
Class Subcompact
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Predecessor Daewoo LanosChevrolet Metro

Marketed worldwide in 120 countries under six brands (Chevrolet, Daewoo, Holden, Pontiac, Suzuki, and ZAZ), the first generation Chevrolet Aveo was originally called Daewoo Kalos in its home market South Korea and many export markets. South Korean models were later rebranded Daewoo Gentra, while in other markets, the first generation model was marketed as the Holden Barina in Australasia, Pontiac G3 in the United States and later Canada, previously in Canada as the Pontiac Waveand then in Canada as the Suzuki Swift+.

The second generation Aveo debuted in January 2011, marketed globally as the Chevrolet Aveo; in North America, the Middle East, Chile, Israel, Japan, Mexico, and South Africa as the Chevrolet Sonic; and in Australasia as the Holden Barina.

As of December, 2012 production was underway at the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

First generation (2002–2011)


First generation (T200)
2004 Chevrolet Aveo sedan -- NHTSA.jpg
Also called Chevrolet KalosChevrolet LovaDaewoo GentraDaewoo KalosHolden Barina (TK)Pontiac G3Pontiac G3 WavePontiac WaveSuzuki Swift+ZAZ Vida
Production 2002–2011 (South Korea)2002–present (under license)
Body and chassis
Body style 3-door hatchback4-door sedan5-door hatchback

GM Daewoo introduced the “Daewoo Kalos” in 2002, based on a then-new T200 platform, replacing the Daewoo Lanos (T100). Under development before Daewoo’s bankruptcy, the Kalos was the company’s first new model introduction following its subsequent takeover by General Motors. Manufacture of the Kalos began in early March, 2002, with pre-production prototypes shown at the Geneva Auto Show in April 2002. The nameplate Kalos derives from the Greekword καλός (kalós) for “beautiful” and “good”.

Chevrolet Aveo LT five-door (US)

Chevrolet Aveo LT five-door (US)

Originally designed by Italdesign, the Kalos derives directly from the “Kalos Dream” concept vehicle first presented at the 2000 Paris Motor Show and subsequent developmental concepts at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, 2002 Geneva Auto Show, and 2003 at the Geneva Show. During this three-year development period Daewoo was struggling financially, with the ultimate fate of the company and the concept vehicle remaining uncertain.

Holden Barina three-door (Australia)

Holden Barina three-door (Australia)





The Kalos was sold in three available body styles: a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback from the beginning of production in 2002, and a 3-door hatchback available in certain European markets beginning in 2005. Two different T200 front-end styling designs were sold. When released in 2002, the T200 headlamps were detached from the horizontal amber turn signal strip, located directly below. This detached style, used primarily in South Korea and North America, was used in conjunction with a semi-elliptical grille. When sales in Europe began in 2003, the headlights were an integrated unit that slanted upwards from the “V-shaped” grille towards the front fenders. In Australia, when the Daewoo Kalos was introduced in 2003, the hatchback featured the integrated lighting arrangement, with the detached style used to differentiate the sedans. In South Korea, where the detached lights were used at first, the integrated design was later utilized as a facelift.

The T200 sedan and five-door hatchback featured a swage line running along the lower body to the rear door, which kinks downward prominently on the five-door. Five-doors also feature a side window in the C/D pillar with a distinctively angled lower edge. Interiors feature a circular motif throughout.


Chevrolet Aveo three-door (Italy)

Chevrolet Aveo three-door (Italy)

GM introduced a facelifted sedan at Auto Shanghai 2005, designed in cooperation with PATAC. Bearing the internal code T250 and sold in South Korea as the “Daewoo Gentra”, revisions included exterior styling changes, a new interior instrument panel and minor equipment changes, including increased sound deadening. Incorporation of the radio antenna into the rear glass and extensive wind tunnel testing helped reduce the coefficient of drag from 0.348 to 0.326.

Chevrolet Aveo sedan (US)

Chevrolet Aveo sedan (US)

A facelifted hatchback with the sedan’s updated instrument panel was presented as the Chevrolet Aveo during the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007, to be marketed in Europe and North America. The Korean market received its own distinct restyle of the hatchback, the Gentra X, whose bumper without the distinctly “Chevrolet” split grille was also used for the Pontiac, Holden and Suzuki variants.

With launch of the Gentra X in South Korea, GMDAT had replaced engines of T250. 1.2 L (1206 cc) S-TEC II engine was updated with features such as dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) and timing chain (older version has timing belt) system. 1.6 L E-TEC II engine has been replaced with an updated GEN-III Ecotec Family 1 engine with new features such as variable valve timing mechanism.

Second generation (2011–present)


Second generation (T300)
2012 Chevrolet Sonic 2LT -- 11-10-2011.jpg
Also called Chevrolet SonicHolden Barina (Australia)
Production 2011–present
Model years 2012–present
Assembly Yantai, Shandong Province, China (Shanghai GM Dongyue Plant)Ramos Arizpe, MexicoBupyeong-gu, Incheon (GM Korea)Rayong, ThailandOrion Township, Michigan, United StatesBogotá, Colombia (GM Colombia)Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (Since 2015)
Designer David Lyon, John Mack, Hongki “Allen” Kim (2007)
Body and chassis
Class Subcompact
Body style 4-door sedan5-door hatchback
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Platform GM Gamma II platform
  • 1.2 L Family 0 I4 (gasoline)
  • 1.4 L Family 0 I4 (gasoline)
  • 1.4 L LUV I4 (turbocharged gasoline)
  • 1.6 L Family 1 I4 (gasoline)
  • 1.8 L LUW I4 (gasoline)
  • 1.8 L LWE I4 (gasoline)
  • 1.3 L CDTi I4 (turbocharged diesel)
  • 5-speed F17 manual
  • 6 speed M32 manual
  • 6-speed 6T30 automatic
  • 6-speed 6T40 automatic
Wheelbase 99.4 in (2,525 mm)
Length 173.1 in (4,397 mm) (4-door)159 in (4,039 mm) (5-door)
Width 68.3 in (1,735 mm)
Height 59.7 in (1,516 mm)

The second generation Chevrolet Aveo debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, using the Gamma II global subcompact platform. It had been previewed earlier in the year as the Chevrolet Aveo RS concept, shown in concept form with 19-inch wheels and a M32 six-speed manual transmission mated to a 1.4-liter turbocharged Ecotec engine, rated at 103 kilowatts (138 hp).

Chevrolet Sonic LTZ sedan (US)

Chevrolet Sonic LTZ sedan (US)

Chevrolet markets the new Aveo under the Chevrolet Sonic nameplate in the U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, Brazilian (and replaces the Chevrolet Astra however the Chevrolet Zafira continued until the following year), Chilean, Japanese, Israeli, Middle East, South African and ASEAN markets. In Australia and New Zealand it is sold as the Holden Barina. The North American-spec Sonic is available as a 4-door sedan or five-door hatchback. It comes with a 1.8-liter inline-four producing 101 kW (135 hp) and 169 N·m (125 lb·ft) torque, or a 1.4-liter turbo inline-four producing 103 kW (138 hp) and 201 N·m (148 lb·ft) torque. The 1.8-liter engine has a timing belt; the 1.4L turbo engine uses a timing chain to drive the camshafts. The 1.8-liter inline-four is mated to a standard five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, while the 1.4-liter turbo has a six-speed manual transmission. On August 2, 2011, the Sonic had entered production at Orion Assembly, with the first cars arriving at dealerships in October.

Chevrolet Sonic RS (US)

Chevrolet Sonic RS (US)

Chevrolet Sonic had its ASEAN debut at the Bangkok Motor Show 2012 in March 2012, as both a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback. It was rolled out from GM’s facility in Rayong, Thailand in July 3, 2012 as a 4-door sedan. Later, Chevrolet Thailand expected 3 new trim variants; LS, LT and LTZ, in both the 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback models (the LS would be available only with the 4-door sedan) which would run on the 1.4-liter turbo engine with the option of 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Pricing is expected to start from BHT548,000 in base 1.4 LS 4-door with a 5-speed manual. Delivery of the 4-door sedan started in late of July 2012, and the hatchback followed on August 2012. The Sonic is expected to be exported to other ASEAN countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia shortly thereafter.

The Japanese model was unveiled at the Summer Sonic 2011 event in QVC Marine Field and later in the Summer Sonic 2012 event in QVC Marine Field. Production models went on sale in November 12, 2011. Early models included the 5-door hatchback with a 1.6-litre I-4 Ecotec (115PS) engine, and a 6-speed automatic transmission with TAPshift. The base model is based on the equivalent of North American LTZ trim level, while the LT model includes alloy wheels and metallic paint. The width dimension at 1735mm does not meet compact class tax bracketregulations set forth by the Japanese Government.

The Sonic uses a water-based “three-wet” paint process that eliminates the need for a primer bake oven; this reduces the paint shop footprint by 10%, and uses 50% less energy per vehicle painted. Chevy is the first US automaker to use this process.

The Sonic is also assembled at the GM Colmotores plant in Bogotá, Colombia, where it was initially introduced for the domestic market only and later also exported to countries in the Andean region.

2011 SEMA concepts (2011)

Sonic Z-Spec #1 is a turbocharged Sonic five-door with concept Z-Spec accessories. It included Z-Spec ground effects, a spoiler, unique grille and graphics package, Torch Red body colour, Z-Spec concept 18-inch wheels, Cobalt Red cabin features perforated black suede seat inserts, a Z-Spec sport pedal kit, sport shift knob and a racing-style flat-bottom steering wheel, performance brakes with four-piston calipers, a new high-flow exhaust system and performance suspension parts.

Sonic Z-Spec #2 is based on Sonic with 1.4L turbo engine and six-speed manual transmission. It includes Flat White body colour with Torch Red accents, a more aggressive ground effects package, unique grille, rear spoiler and graphics package, Z-Spec concept 18-inch wheels, a re-trimmed interior with Z-Spec sport pedal kit, Z-Spec sport shift knob and a flat-bottom steering wheel, custom racing seats with the Z-Spec logo. Performance upgrades include brakes with four-piston calipers, a high-flow exhaust system and suspension parts.

Sonic Z-Spec 4D Concept is a concept car with a touring car-style motif, based on Sonic sedan with turbo 1.4L engine and six-speed manual transmission. It included Ashen Grey Metallic body colour, concept Z-Spec ground effects, rear spoiler, grille, “Chevrolet” graphics and larger Z-Spec concept 18-inch wheels, Dark Titanium interior upholstery with Cobalt Red accents, Z-Spec sport pedal kit, aluminum sport shift knob, a flat-bottom steering wheel (trimmed with Cobalt Red suede). Performance upgrades include four-piston caliper brakes, a high-flow exhaust system and suspension parts.

Sonic Dusk included Berlin Blue exterior, a mild concept ground effects package, unique grille treatment, 18-inch concept wheels in dark Galvano Silver, Mojave leather interior has custom seat inserts, Z-Spec shift knob with satin chrome trim, Z-Spec sport pedals and accessory interior trim kit, a suede-trimmed flat-bottom steering wheel, custom audio system and brake and suspension upgrades.

Sonic Super 4 is a race car concept that demonstrates Chevrolet’s new small car performance potential, based on Sonic with Ecotec 1.4L turbo engine and six-speed manual transmission. It includes Chevrolet racing graphics, Carbon fiber lower splitter, Carbon fiber rocker panel extensions, Carbon fiber rear diffuser, Tinted headlamps and taillights, Concept Z-Spec high wing rear spoiler, Tow hooks, 18×7.5-inch satin black wheels with street-legal racing tires, SCCA-approved 1¾ -inch chrome moly roll cage, SCCA-approved inner and outer window nets, Z-Spec pedal kit, Racing instrumentation, Racing seat with five-point harness, Fire suppression system, Rearview camera system, Racing steering wheel with quick disconnect, Adjustable coil-over struts and spring kit, four-piston front brake calipers with two-piece drilled rotors, two-piston rear brake calipers with one-piece drilled rotors, Low-restriction air intake and filter, Two-inch cat-back straight-pipe exhaust.



Article Name
Chevrolet Aveo
The second-generation Chevrolet Aveo is clearly aimed at taking on supermini class leader, the Suzuki Swift, and other rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa and Hyundai i20. It has much better levels of standard equipment installed across the range and now has a motorbike-themed interior design.

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