Bentley Flying Spur 2014

December 12, 2013
Bentley Flying Spur 2015

Bentley Flying Spur 2015 from Geneva. Click here for higher resolution.

Bentley Flying Spur 2015

You’d expect Bentley’s announcement for the 2015 Bentley Flying Spur sedan to drip with hedonistic excess and exceptionalism, and, boy, it does.

Musings such as “most powerful four-door Bentley ever,” “much improved door kinematics,” and “ultimate high-luxury sedan with unrivaled performance” litter the car’s introductory materials. This linguistic optimism is no accident—Bentley has reloaded its highly successful Continental Flying Spur with more standard horsepower, a newly shortened name, added emphasis on hyper-luxurious motoring, and further distinction from the closely related two-door Continental GT.

The outgoing Continental Flying Spur was introduced in 2005 as essentially a four-door Continental GT—hardly a bad thing, as it was quite sporty for its size and class.

Bentley Flying Spur 2015

Bentley Flying Spur 2015. Click here for higher resolution.

For its latest Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley is set on expanding the sedan’s popularity to the chauffeured set, placing new importance on those riding in the back seats of its fast four-door.

More Than Two Additional Doors

Starting with the Bentley Flying Spur’s sheetmetal, Bentley has massaged the Continental’s look into something akin to a sleeker version of its larger, chauffeur-friendly Mulsanne sedan. The big Bentley’s handsome roofline and rear shoulder kick-up are grafted onto the Bentley Flying Spur, and the grille is more upright than before. The Flying Spur remains bookended by Continental-like front and rear fascias, although its two outer headlight units now are larger than the inboard ones—a size relationship that’s flipped on the two-door Continental. The changes subtly amp up the Flying Spur’s presence, mostly by highlighting the four-door’s length advantage over the Conti GT coupe and GTC convertible.

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Bentley Flying Spur 2015

Bentley Flying Spur 2015. Click here for higher resolution.

Underneath the fresh skin, the Flying Spur’s structure has been stiffened by reinforcements to the B-pillars, front crossmembers, and sill areas. Bentley claims a modest four-percent increase in torsional stiffness relative to the old car, but the old car already was pretty tight. An aluminum hood and front fenders, as well as a composite trunklid, offset the added weight of these enhancements. Bentley says that the Flying Spur is 110 pounds lighter overall than before.

Everything inside is all-new, with the exception of the sun visors, grab handles, armrests, and portions of the center console. Buyers can choose between a four- or five-seat cabin layout, the former replacing the center rear seat with a full-length console. The leather that covers nearly everything is available in 12 different colors, and seven wood veneers are on offer. (This is just the standard palette; write a large enough check and you get whatever colors you want.) In case you were curious, nearly 108 square feet of wood is employed in each Flying Spur—all of it sustainably sourced, of course. All seats are heated and ventilated, there are power-operated sunshades for the rear windows, and a drink chiller—that’s a refrigerator to you, plebem—is available for rear-seat passengers.

Bentley Flying Spur interior 2015

Bentley Flying Spur interior 2015. Click here for higher resolution.

Further upping the Bentley Flying Spur’s rear-seat wattage is a host of new in-car tech. A new touch-screen remote control deploys from the rear console and allows users to alter the climate-control settings, navigation settings, and audio system from the comfort of a reclined position. There’s also a new Multi-Media Specification, which equips the back of each front seat with a 10-inch LCD screen and DVD player, USB, SD, and HDMI ports, plus headphone jacks. Backing up both screens is the Bentley Connectivity Unit, which features a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and 64 gigabytes of storage.

2015 Bentley Flying Spur interior

2015 Bentley Flying Spur interior. Click here for higher resolution.

Dignified Road Arson

Bentley also improved things for the driver in a big way. The Flying Spur’s carryover 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W-12 engine now produces 616 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. That’s 16 more ponies and 37 more lb-ft of torque than last year’s high-output Continental Flying Spur Speed model and the same output generated by the latest-generation Continental GT Speed and GTC Speed models. (The outgoing non-Speed Flying Spur made 552 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.) As in the Continental, the Flying Spur’s W-12 now backs up to a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Bentley claims the Flying Spur is good for a punctual 4.3-second trip from 0–60 mph and a 200-mph top speed; the acceleration figure sounds about right given we clocked a previous-gen Spur Speed to 60 in the same amount of time. For the time being, it appears the twin-turbo V-8 available in the base Continental is staying there.

2015 Bentley Flying Spur interior

2015 Bentley Flying Spur interior. Click here for higher resolution.

All-wheel drive again is standard, and features a baseline 40/60 front-rear torque split; the system can push as much as 85 percent of the engine’s torque rearward or 65 percent to the front. In keeping with the Flying Spur’s more passenger-friendly vibe, Bentley reduced the firmness of the car’s air suspension by 10 percent in front and 13 out back and decreased the anti-roll bars’ stiffness front and rear by 13 and 15 percent, respectively. The suspension automatically firms up during cornering and spirited driving, and the setup lowers the car in two stages—first at 121 mph and again at 149—during high-speed runs.

Bentley Flying Spur 2015

Bentley Flying Spur 2015. Click here for higher resolution.

An even-richer Mulliner Specification is again available and brings five additional color choices for the leather upholstery and five additional wood veneer choices. The seats and door panels are diamond quilted, and the headrests get embroidered Bentley wing logos. Aluminum pedals, a sports gear lever, a unique fuel filler cap, and two-piece 21-inch aluminum wheels round out the Mulliner details.

The 2015 Bentley Flying Spur 2015 is making its debut at the 2015 Geneva auto show, and while pricing has yet to be announced, figure on the lowest stickers to read somewhere around $200,000.

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