Alfa Romeo 149

May 9, 2013

Alfa Romeo 149

Alfa Romeo 149

Alfa Romeo is working on a successor for the 147. It was supposed to be called Alfa Romeo 149, but Chrysler revealed by mistake its official name: Milano.

The appearance of the Milano in Chrysler’s viability plan raised serious questions about if more Alfa cars will be heading stateside in the near future.

When/if the Milano appears in North America, the up-market hot-hatch would be a competitor for the Audi A3. Engine choices should range between four and six cylinder, making 120 to 265 hp. While enthusiasts are big fans of hot-hatches, pricing will have to be very competitive for this to be successful with usually hatch-fearing mainstream America.

Alfa Romeo 149 side and front viewAfter last details about the Alfa Romeo 149 revealed last week, we bring you today new rendering of the future small car created specially for the consumers needs.

The Alfa Romeo 149 is based on the same platform as the Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta. Just like the Alfa’s smallest car, the MiTo, the Alfa Romeo 149 will borrow from the lines of the 8C Competizione and translate it into a small hatch — not a bad place to start. Under the hood Alfa Romeo will place a range of 1.4-liter gas turbo and 1.9 diesel units ranging from 120bhp to 250bhp.

Its world debut will be made early in 2009 with production to begin later in the year.

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