2015 Lotus Exige S Roadster

February 4, 2015

lotus exige s roadster


The cost for the 2015 Lotus Exige S Roadster is only US$23,000 with a new LS7 Corvette engine.

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After a few turbulent years for the Norfolk-based organization, this crude and centered model feels like a severe counterpunch, or the natural lurch of an injured creature. The Exige S is an engineer’s auto, apparently considered for the purest of plans: to go quick and to stimulate uncontrollably while doing it.

There are two kinds of Exige S: one a roadster, the other, the Roadster, with a removable top board. What’s more in the event that you surmise that an Exige roadster is, y’know, an Elise, reconsider, says Lotus. Roadster and Roadster variations of the Exige S contrast from the shorter, lighter Elise in both measurement and one other, very striking path: in their center, it has the 3.5-liter, supercharged V6 you’ll generally find in the Evora. Diversion on.

A substantial Lotus wouldn’t go down well whatsoever. Not with the client base, with the faultfinders or with the apparition of Colin Chapman. What’s more a substantial Exige would be a genuine sin, especially when unadorned cases of the first Exige S1 measured under 800kg with liquids locally available.

Beside that, the Exige S looks heavy. Hethel’s case is for a kerb weight of 1176kg, 10kg less for the Roadster, and the scales at our MIRA test track affirmed that our test auto – a roadster – loaded with fuel measured 1200kg. That puts the auto inside 95kg of the past Porsche Cayman R and 160kg of the 997 Gt3 RS 4.0.

Light enough for a Lotus? The track will tell. In any case remember that time and wellbeing enactment constantly add mass to autos, furthermore that the new 911 Gt3 is a 1430kg machine.

Two things specifically clarify the mass increment; notionally, truly stand out. The 345bhp Toyota-inferred supercharged V6 that powers the auto, likewise found in the Evora S, has constrained a development spurt. There’s 70mm of additional length in the wheelbase and just about 300mm of extra general length contrasted and the first Exige, and a current Elise. Every last bit of it is to oblige that motor, which has been crushed in sideways directly behind the lodge.

The rest is commonplace. There’s a monocoque tub made of fortified box-area aluminum expulsions, lightweight composite body boards and twofold wishbone suspension. The controlling is unassisted – there isn’t space for a pump – yet in the event that the auto had been any heavier, Lotus concedes, that wouldn’t have been conceivable.

There are a lot of rivalry spec frame parts here: Bilstein gas dampers and cross-bored, four-cylinder iron brakes from AP Racing. Altogether, there’s the alternative of additional sticky Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires and suspension, in the purported Race Pack, which is stiffer and exceptionally altered to the new elastic. In case you’re doing a ton of track days, this is the choice to have.


There’s no mechanical restricted slip differential; the Hethel-based organization for the most part keeps away from them in light of the fact that, it asserts, they bring introductory understeer into the taking care of mix. Be that as it may there is a brake-based electronic framework to control wheelspin on an emptied inside tire in cornering.

The Exige has dependably had a method for uncovering the uninitiated. He’ll be the one attempting to get in one leg at a time.

This is an essentially less usable auto than the related Elise, without taking into consideration a Porsche Cayman. It’s the settled top that does it on the roadster. Top off in the roadster, as with an Elise you can venture over the wide ledge and after that lower yourself in. Anyhow given the top doesn’t fall off the Exige S car, there’s one and only approach: head first into the personal lodge.

The drivel of embarkation will put off an OK lump of clients and ought to make a greater piece consider the amount of utilization they’d escape from the auto. In any case it won’t make any difference a scribble to anybody purchasing a Lotus Exige S for the right reasons, which we will come to.

Once you’re in, you’ll see that not head or breathing room is liberal. The previous constraint will influence you in case you’re taller than 6ft 2in and – like everybody – you wear a protective cap on trackdays; the last may in the event that you have a tendency to convey travelers much and lean toward not to delve them in the ribs each time you captivate second apparatus.

These, however, are since a long time ago settled issues for the Exige supporter. In case you’re in the fold, you may be amazed to discover things, for example, warmed cowhide and ipod network on the alternatives list, don’t worry about it cupholders and calfskin upholstered entryway boards. You needn’t worry, though.

This remaining parts an extraordinarily intentional, pared-down driving environment. The seats are strong yet not excessively agreeable over long separations, and the counterbalance pedals exacerbate a terrible circumstance marginally. Drive to Le Mans and you’ll perceive both, yet more than four 20-lap stretches at Oulton Park, or on a 90-moment B-street whip, you won’t think about either.

There is one thing – and one and only thing – that Lotus would like us to call attention to about our increasing speed figures. It records its times with one inhabitant on load up, with a light fuel load and in ideal track conditions. At Autocar we test two up, with a lot of fuel on prepare to leave and in whatever conditions we discover at MIRA demonstrating ground at the time.

Wherever conceivable, we search for dry climate, which we discovered when testing the Exige, however it was frosty, and the shy of it is that the Exige S hit 60mph from rest in a two-manner normal of 4.08sec, with two individuals on board, and cleared the standing quarter mile in a touch under 13 seconds.

We don’t uncertainty Lotus’ claim that it will duck under 4.0sec one up, and with less thought for a grip that needed to finish a full street test and take us home once more.

Grasp sneaking by speeding up is without a doubt key to a quick begin. Starting footing is strong to the point that, in spite of the V6’s torque, it is conceivable to get impeded at lower revs, while the motor’s yield will simply turn the wheels at higher ones.

However once footing is secured and the grip completely captivated, the Exige S decently tears through its apparatuses. Its changes are still not simple to push through at velocity, such is the aloof nature of the gearshifts, yet this is an auto that can go from 0-100mph in 9.6sec and from 30-70mph in only 3.7sec.

The supercharged 3.5-liter V6’s throttle reaction is remarkable. There is less soundproofing here than in the Evora S, and that permits a portion of the motor’s more mechanical notes to overcome, however that is no awful thing in an auto like this. It simply sounds better, completely through to the genuinely ruthless 7200rpm limiter. And so intoxicating is the pace that you’ll be inclined to take it there as often as possible.


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